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Our fiduciary services are founded on the idea that capability and experience are the keys to the successful trusteeship of an ESOP plan. All too often we witness companies pursuing strategies that, while steeped in “good intention,” lack the kind of expertise available from specialists in this field. While we believe that all fiduciary relationships must be borne in an environment of trust, objectivity and free from conflicts of interest, we conclude that these conditions serve only as the backdrop for sound ESOP trustee services.


We serve as independent trustee for transactions including the purchase or sale of employer securities. We evaluate the terms of the proposed transaction, perform due diligence to understand the company and the transaction, and negotiate on behalf of the ESOP the transaction terms.

Ongoing Administration

While satisfying our fiduciary duty to act prudently and solely in the best interest of plan participants and beneficiaries, we oversee and ensure plans are administered efficiently and according to the unique and specific terms for each of our clients.


We monitor the completion of critical reports and filings and confirm each ESOP satisfies plan document provisions, IRS requirements, and Department of Labor rules and regulations.


We work with uniquely qualified, independent valuation advisory firms to establish the annual share price of employer stock.


We vote the employer stock and administer pass-through voting when required.


We coordinate with our clients’ ESOP service providers to maximize efficiency, compliance and service for the Company and its employee owners.

Communication & Education

We help explain complex ESOPs in every day terms that makes employee ownership real. Through education and communication, we promote a culture where employees are motivated to think and act like owners.


We report all trust activity occurring in the ESOP for each reporting period.

Other Fiduciary Services

We provide consulting services to companies and their boards and are available to serve on ESOP company boards.

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