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AccuPath MotorsRime provides a complete line of conventional drilling motors to meet a variety of drilling applications.

Where the competition is attempting to modify existing designs to benefit today’s technology through power section and drilling procedures, Rime has done it all in one. Rime drilling motors feature the largest driveline on the market today, following with large bore bearing sections for maximum performance, as well as unmatched on and off bottom loads for all applications and user confidence.

Motor Spec Sheet
Our patented Universal Couplings remove the conventional ball bearings or splined transmission systems thereby increasing torque transfer surface area while strengthening the transmission. All connections on Rime motors have been mechanically balanced, resulting in better well bore tracking in rotary, minimizing stress/fatigue cracks.

Rime offers a specialized line of motors for Motor Driven RSS Tools. These motors provide Zero Fluid By-pass ensuring 100% of flow to the RSS tool, unlike mud lube or flow diverted sealed bearing designs.

Rime MotorOur goal is to supply the most reliable motor in the industry through innovation and experience, creating a cost effective, confident relationship with all of our customers. Our service and maintenance personnel are some of the most experienced professionals in the industry and are supported by a senior staff with over 60 years of combined experience in downhole motors.

All Rime motors are manufactured in the USA, produced for the best materials and the strictest quality standards available in the industry.

Combine this with extensive knowledge and experience in material selection and manufacturing for design of critical components, specialized coatings, and optimized overall stress reduction throughout our product lines. The Rime AccuPath™ series motor comes right out of the box with the highest quality materials, design and features to exceed expectations from all competitors.

Rime downhole motors are delivered with complete material certification packages and full serialized major components to provide future traceability. Each step during the rigorous manufacturing process starting from the raw material to the finished assembled product is closely monitored and tracked. Upon delivery of each motor or component, the client will receive the certification package and will have the full assurance that it meets the highest quality standard in the industry. In addition, we can provide rental, lease to purchase or purchase options with qualified training and 24/7 technical support.

Stop losing efficiency and gain performance by using the Rime convetional mud motors today!

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