AccuPath™ (USBS) Motors

Unlimited RPMs.

AccuPath MotorsNothing conveys pure American grit and performance better than putting the pedal to the metal.

Our patented, state-of-the-art downhole USBS technology bridges the gap between RSS and conventional mud motors in both performance and cost effectiveness. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams allow us to quickly adapt and customize to our customers’ requests and/or needs with precision.

We are proud of our American ingenuity and to be leading the world into a new era of downhole execution, efficiency and increased profitability. The Rime, made in America AccuPath™ line of mud motors will outperform conventional mud motors and allow for the incorporation of a new generation of drilling technology to meet an ever growing demand for efficiency and cost savings Priced attractively compared to RSS, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this unique drilling opportunity.

Where the competition is attempting to modify existing designs to benefit today’s technology, Rime has reinvented the wheel with the AccuPath™ mud motors.

Drill the Vertical, Curve and Lateral Using a Single Motor. AccuPath™ ultrashort-bearing-section (USBS) motors feature the drilling industry’s shortest bit-to-bend bearing assembly.

Rime MotorThe motor bit-to-bend length of just 17 inches, combined with a 1° offset can yield a comparable dog leg severity (DLS) to a conventional, 2.25° bent-housing motor. This motor design provides better hole quality by creating a near-gauge hole, consistent DLS throughout the well—and an operating RPM that is not limited by the excessive bending and stresses you get when using conventional, high-bend motor assemblies at high RPMs.

Experience less non-productive time (NPT) and with more horsepower per square inch drilled, less over-gauge wasted drilling and far less cement needed for casing. Easily matching and exceeding both the conventional and RSS curve performance. Because our motors are capable of unlimited RPMs, efficiency is exponential. You’ll also experience better hole quality with smoother completion running, longer laterals and improved hole cleaning.

There is no more need for three to six backup FBH/ABH motors; one motor for vertical, curve and lateral prove that better equipment utilization is a key part of your future success.

Rime motors are delivered with complete material certification packages and full serialized major components to provide ease in future traceability. Each step of the process is closely monitored and tracked from the rigorous manufacturing process of raw material into a finished assembled product. Upon delivery of each motor or component, you will receive the certification package and the full assurance that your motors meet the highest quality standard in the industry. In addition, we can provide rental or lease options with qualified training and 24/7 technical support.

Stop losing efficiency and gain performance by using the Rime AccuPath™ line of mud motors today!

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